This is who we are

Brandon recently sold to the world’s largest brands with the #1 most innovative AI company, LivePerson (as voted by Fast Company in 2022). He sold over $50M in total SaaS deals and averaged 7 figures a year in annual income since 2019. He ditched hustle culture to create a unique personal operating system from the ground up – one designed to sustain peak performance without sacrificing his health and wellbeing. Brandon retired from the corporate world at age 42 to begin sharing this system with others full-time.

Lisi is a former NYC-based fashion designer for companies like Mattel (yes, she designed Barbie clothes), Betsey Johnson, and Ralph Lauren. She is also a retired nurse who has a keen attention to detail and operates as the creative heart to make our space more beautiful. Currently, Lisi supports Brandon with growing BFLG and scratches her own online entrepreneurial itch by buying and selling one-of-a-kind vintage clothing pieces.

We run BFLG remotely and split our time between Sarasota, FL and Chicago, IL (when we’re not exploring the world). However, recent macro events have forced many of us into a new way of operating, including the two of us.

Instead of this isolation becoming a liability, we have turned it into a super power that has helped Brandon land multi-million dollar deals with the world’s most coveted brands while also enjoying a new sense of peace and calm working from anywhere. 

We want to share these powerful insights and new ways to operate, which will change the way we work and live, even when things go back to “normal.”