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We think the way most Revenue Generators work in the modern knowledge era is fundamentally broken.


99% fall into the trap of needing to hustle and grind to get to the top. And then once they get to the top, they have to do it all over again, month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year.
This leads to a vicious cycle of frustration and burnout.


We aim to change that and want to create a personal operating system for highly aspirational sales professionals in SaaS to develop an approach that delivers more clarity, value, and meaning to the way we work.


We don’t believe in the false notion of work/life balance, but instead, are grounded in the reality that enhanced performance and harmony comes from exploring the boundaries of the quantified self and developing a more thoughtful approach to work/life integration.


We are not a coaching company. We are a strategy design company that creates content, community, and connections.

Simply put, if you have a speciality skill and sit down in front of a computer for most of your day to generate business, you’re a Revenue Generator.


That could be a Sales Development Rep, Account Executive, Account Manager, Customer Success Manager, Client Partner, Business Development Director, VP of Sales, CRO, Consultant, a Content Creator, and even a Solopreneur…you get the idea.


If you want to be more intentional about seizing control of your career and leverage it to create more value, impact, and design the life of your dreams, that is transcending to becoming a Purposeful Performer.

If you are selected to join, we’ll be in touch and invite you to have first access to future products and to try out the Thrive Space operating system for yourself so that we can continue to enhance it. The operating system works like this:


Step 1: Create a personal toolset for your quest. This will range from the best productivity apps, to wearables, to compelling content and books that will expand your horizons. We want to expose how much energy you have for the day, when the best times of the day are for specific tasks based on your natural circadian rhythm, how sleep (or lack of it) is impacting your workday, how many meetings are essential vs time drains, and much more.


Step 2: Easily plan out every minute of the workday each day.


Step 3: Define, categorize, and prioritize deep work over shallow work and how to avoid distractions and valueless habits.


Step 4: Organize work by energy states and easily identify where you are spending your time.


Step 5: Measure all of your work tasks and combine it with biometric health data so that you develop a new way to score value – one built on how good you feel rather than just how much stuff you get done – all so you have clearer visibility into what drives impact for you personally, while enabling you to operate in zen-like calmness and achieve more flow state.

We call it DFC, which is Discipline + Flexibility + Curiosity


All together, they’re the full package.


Without it, you will not have success in anything you do, whether that is a sales cycle, a project, or a single workday.


We think of it as being on a scale, kind of like moving a fader from one output to another.


Here’s how it works:


START: At the beginning, you need to be disciplined like a world-class athlete.


Why? They know exactly how to prime themselves to perform at an elite level.


MIDDLE: During the middle, you need to be more flexible like a creative artist.


Why? They know how to get into flow state and adapt on the fly.


END: As you wrap, you need to be curious like a renowned scientist.


Why? They aren’t guided by emotion. They experiment using data to make things better.


To maintain DFC you need a simple model to be your personal guide. Now you might be thinking – “not another acronym, right?” Yes, but this one is proven to be golden. And we literally mean golden, as it was what Brandon has used to close over $50M in SaaS sales in less than four years. It’s called PREP and it works like this…



Plan: How do I map out a successful day, week, month, and quarter? 

Rest: Do I have the energy and capacity to make my plan happen? 

Effort: What are the specific tasks I need to do (and what activities do I need to avoid) to make my plan come to life?

Perform: How did I perform against my targets? What can I improve? How should I adjust? What type of day gives me the most satisfaction? What’s happening in those days and how do I make those days a consistent part of my routine?



It’s a pretty simple concept of giving you a trusted space to start your day, check in with yourself during the day to ensure you’re staying on track, and a place to end your day so you can leave the workday organized and satisfied. This daily consistency, balanced with the right content and accountability, will keep you on target throughout your quest.

Thrive Space™ is in the development stage. We’re looking to collaborate with a select group of highly motivated and aspirational professionals. The way to get started is to fill out this form below to see if we’re a good fit for one another.


If we’re a match, we’ll be in touch as things develop to invite you in and share more goodies!


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