This is what we do

BFLG envisions building a strong community of like-minded individuals who seek more meaning and value out of their work and lives.

How? We believe complex problems can be solved with beautiful, intelligent design. Design is not just limited to creating compelling products or mobile apps. Design can also be applied to how you construct your career and life to achieve better performance and enhanced satisfaction.

The combination of the right knowledge + the right tools + the right approach can deliver prosperity.

We are at the incubation stage of our company. 

As we move from the incubation to launch stage, we intend to connect with highly aspirational and elite SaaS sales professionals through three specific ways:

1. Content. Co-founder, Brandon Fluharty, is a content creator on LinkedIn.

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2. Community. Brandon offers a bi-weekly Newsletter and 1:1 texting community.

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3. Design. We are designing products that level up personal performance.

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The success that we pass on to our members is built around these three core beliefs:

1. We maintain high standards.

BFLG cares a lot about our work, our results, and our community. Thus, we are very selective with who we work with directly. We want to partner with those who share our same high standards and who are curious about exploring a more meaningful approach to work-life integration.

2. Good health is at the heart of great work.

By taking a holistic approach to the individual, we don’t just analyze business systems and activity metrics to improve results. Instead, we look at optimizing the Four S’s of the quantified self – Sleep, Strain, Skills, and Satisfaction.

3. Data guides us, but it doesn’t control us.

We believe in the need for a symbiotic relationship between humans and algorithms, not a master-servant one.

AI can assist with collecting and surfacing powerful data that is too hard for us to gather on our own. However, as unique human beings, only our intellect, experience, and intuition enable decisions that can ultimately produce positive outcomes.